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More Trouble, More Love
© 2017 Susan Anders (SESAC)

More rain
More flood
More rot
More mud
More houses lost
More memories tossed

But more people are listening and they come around
They’re picking your wet life up off the ground
More people are pulling on their working gloves
More trouble, more love

No job, no leads
More bills each week
More desperate
More scared of what’s next

But more people are dropping by food in hand
Saying “Here’s a check, pay me back when you can”
Saying “We know you’d do the same for us”
More trouble, more love

(More love) Life can be so hard and sad
(More love) Comes creeping in when it can
(More love) Nature don’t like a vacuum, you know
More love’s gonna fill up every empty soul

More days rip by
More close to when we’ll die
More tired and old
More weak and cold

But more spirits are listening and they gather round
Just when it’s the end that you think you’ve found
More angels surround you and pull you up
More trouble, more love