1. You See Me

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You See Me
©Robert Deitch/Susan Anders

To the boys at the bar I’m still that hell-raisin fool
That they’ve been drinking with since back in high school
They hear me joking and think that’s all I ever do
You know the truth

The boss looks to me as his number two man
His go-to guy when it all hits the fan
He doesn’t know that sometimes I get confused
But you do

You see me inside and out
The one who’s sure, the one who doubts
The working stiff who still has dreams
The man who’s found the love he needs
Let the whole world see who they want to see
You see me

I work in a job my dad’s never understood
My mom can’t imagine me as anything but good
They can’t look past their little boy to the man that I am
But you can

And what a man needs most to feel right
Is someone who gets him and stays by his side
I thank god every day that you’re in my life