1. Finally Love

The track with or without backing vocals is available.


Finally Love
© Susan Anders

My mama said love takes its sweet time
My daddy said he knew I'd do just fine
My best friend said the stars were aligned
She's a little out there

I'd been looking hard, had my good intentions
Feeling nothing but apprehension
Kept going for gold, getting honorable mentions
It isn't pretty out there

After so many near misses, awkward dates, weird kisses
Asking for help from above

Finally love
Finally love
Finally love

I feel it now--ever since you've shown up
Every single doubt I had has blown up
Saw your wild grin and you had it sewn up
You're a little out there

You make me want to act up just a bit
We talk so grown-up--then laugh like kids
And that place where our secrets are hid
We love going out there

After losing hope I could find someone real smart and kind
Someone just crazy enough

Finally love
Finally love
Finally love

All those nice guys just weren't the right guys
Just nice tries till you turned up

Finally love (worth waiting for)
Finally love (can't ask for more)
Finally love