1. Just a Fling

The track with or without backing vocals is available.


Just A Fling
© Susan Anders/Tom Manche
all rights reserved

It was just a fling
It was just a fling

Okay, I confess
When we first met I was not impressed
I thought: kind of smart, kind of cute
He'll do for a week or two

I told my friends no big deal
I didn't notice what I'd started to feel
Okay, so I'm an arrogant girl
Who knew you could change my world?

It was really just a fling
Something fun to do
Now it’s a real thing
Who knew
Love would come through?

It was just a fling
It was just a fling

Okay, I admit
I guess you got to me a bit
You talk and my head spins
How'd you get right under my skin?

Yeah yeah I think that you're the one
I want a whole lot more than just fun
Forget my fickle past
I want what we've got to last


I wish I hadn't jumped to conclusions, baby
I wish I'd kept my thoughts to myself
Let me be clear so there's no confusion, baby
I want you and no one else