The track with and without backing vocals is available.


Keep It in Your Pants
© Natalie Tidwell/Susan Anders/Tim Martin

I was all packed up and just about to leave
My baby she cozied right up to me
She handed me a photograph that made me grin
She was wearing nothing in it but a lacey little thing
I put it in my bag, she said “No, baby no
That’s not where that picture should go”

“Keep it in your pants,”
That’s what she said to me
“When you’re out on the road
Feeling wild and free
If some girl that you meet wants to do more than dance
Think about that picture of me
Keep it in your pants.”

I was at a cantina in San Antone
A pretty blonde strutted in all alone
She said “I’ve never seen you in here
Tell me what’s a girl gotta do to get a beer?”
I reached for some bills but what I grabbed instead
Was that sexy shot of my baby in red


I bought that girl a beer and said “I’ve got to go—
Got a Kodak reminder of what’s waiting at home”