The track with backing vocals is available.


© Susan Anders

I'm stuck
'Cause I can't get closer
I can't get closer
Closer to you
I'm stuck
Oh I can't get stucker
I'm outta luck, here
What can I do
I'm lost, I am reeling
Show some feeling
Help me move
Closer come closer come closer come closer
I want to talk to you want to talk to you
Closer come closer come closer come closer
I got to get to got to get to you

Everyone knows that I'm the guy
But you won't talk to me and I don't know why
I could walk over there and can show you that I am perfect for you
But you got to let me try

Chorus Two
I'm shook
You got me shaking
No way I'm braking
'Cause I take to you
You walked in, and I decided
We'll never be divided
We'll be united and true
I got a life of education
but I got no patience about reaching you

Verse Two
Got to find a way to get you unglued
If you give me a chance you know I'd come through
There's no limit to what we could do
But I got to think fast 'cause you're unmoved

Repeat Chorus One