The track without backing vocals is available.


Unfinished Business
© Susan Anders

Ooh baby- I know you see through me
Ooh baby- I want you desperately
There's something burning here that I can't hide
Ooh baby- I walk you to your door
Ooh baby- you know we both want more
But I cannot follow you inside
I've got-

Unfinished business
Unfinished business
And I got no business being here with you
Unfinished business
Unfinished business
I got to finish up before I start with you

There is someone-we met when we were kids
There is someone- we never called it quits
A love that once was strong is now a lie
It's over- it ended for me long ago
It's over- I got to tell her so
Until I do we can't let this heat rise
I've got-


There's so much love for us in store
We both know our hearts could soar
But I've got to play fair
' Cause she still cares
I've got to leave you at the door- 'cause I got