1. Turn it Over

The track with backing vocals is available.


Turn it Over
words & music by Tom Manche (BMI) -- all rights reserved

When you can’t quite decide between the wrong and right
If your life’s on the line day and night
Turn it all over to the Lord
You’ll find your faith and feel restored
I’m telling you, all you got to do is turn
Turn it over

When there’s no one who cares ‘bout how hard it’s been
If it ever hurts so bad you want to cash it in
Just put your problem in Jesus’ hands
You’ll find you fit inside His plan
Take it from me, it can set you free if you turn
Turn it over

Now, we’re all tryin’ to get it right
Down to the day we’re called
Some bound for heaven’s heights
Some bound to fall

No matter who you are, there’s gonna come a day
When you just can’t go on-- can’t find your way
Well, reconsider a brand new start
Take the words I say to heart
Raise your eyes toward paradise and turn
Turn it over