1. Chanel #5

The track with or without backing vocals is available.


Chanel #5
© Susan Anders

Oh we had the perfect first date
And yet I wasn't sure
Maybe it was way too soon
To know just what your feelings were
In the morning on my doorstep
I saw a bottle of perfume
Sitting there right beside it
Was a letter signed by you

It read
You're sweet and you're timeless
You're more than this week's trend
I want to stick around
And be more than your friend
Baby when I'm with you
I feel more than alive
You're my Chanel #5

So with something from my grandma's time
You let me know the score
Everywhere we'd go from then on
You know what I wore
People said that I was crazy
Wearing some old time perfume
They didn't know that's the way
That I said right back to you:


We have been together for a year
And lately it's been hard
I don't know if love is still right here
And I don't know where we are
But today when I woke up
Unsure and wondering
I looked outside, I saw the bottle
You had left right there for me