1. Pulling Back

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Pulling Back
© Christine Kellogg/Susan Anders/Tom Manche

It's late in the morning
And I know you won't call
It's nothing I can point to
Just a feeling, that's all

You kissed just as strong
And you smiled just as wide
As all of those other times
When we said goodnight. . .

But I feel you pulling back
A rubber band about to snap
And I don't know
If you’ll let go, If you’ll let go
You're pulling back

Maybe it's that time
When we stop to catch our breath
Maybe you need a weekend
Alone in your own bed

And if that's all it is
Hey, I understand
But you gotta fill me in, now
Reach out if you can


It drives me crazy not having a clue
About what you are feeling or what you'll do
Baby would you tell me right now is it all in my head?
‘Cause I really don’t know what I’d do if you said that you’re —