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That's How I Say I Love You
©Tom Manche/John Adams

'Bout 5:45 my feet hit the floor
A cup of black coffee and I'm out the door
Day after day it's the same old grind
But to tell you the truth, I don't mind

'Cuz I'm proud and I'm priveleged simply to be
Taking care of my family

I may not say it near enough
I might not share my feelings much
Y'know that's never ever been my way
I may not say so you can hear
But how I live is loud and clear
That's how I say
I love you

Saturday mornings I take out the boys
To give you a breather from all of the noise
I bring 'em back home by mid-afternoon
And tackle the 99 chores that need doin'

And Sundays no matter what else we have planned
I always make time to show I'm your man


When it comes to love, I don't talk the talk
But no one can say I don't walk the walk