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Good Times Left
© Susan Anders/Tom Manche

Saw my dad today
I guess he looked okay--and he said:
Take this watch of mine
It keeps real good time
It's yours soon anyhow
Why not take it now?
So I don't forget
Don't you get all sad
I don't feel so bad
I'm not leaving yet

I got good times left
I got good times left

I dragged my chair close by
He said: Flip on channel five
'Cause every day at four
Marshall Dillon rides once more
I know it's just TV
Still like to see
The good guys win once in awhile
Late at night when it's just me staring down eternity
You know I still smile, 'cause—

I got good times left
I got good times left

A pretty nurse fussing over me
Artie Shaw playing on CD
A view out there of a big oak tree
You sitting here by me
It's alright
I got good times left

You should know I'm proud of how you turned out
I know you'll do real well
And later when I'm gone
When you strap my watch on
I hope you tell yourself:

I got good times left