The track with or without backing vocals is available.


Love for the Last Time
© Paul Nielsen/Susan Anders

Hey listen, baby
I want to talk about me and you
We’re on to something good
And I know you feel it too

Standing on the edge of love
Any moment we could go
And just before we jump on in
There’s something you should know

I want to fall in love for the last time
Are you ready?
Want it to be enough to last a lifetime
Strong and steady
Come on honey, let’s fall in love for the last time

Who can say for certain
How a love will go with time?
It might be an easy trip
Or a roller coaster ride

Any bumpy patches, baby
We can talk ‘em out
I’ll do anything it takes
‘Cause I want this one to count


I want to take this deeper
Than we’ve ever been before
Everyday I’ll find a way
To show I love you even more