The track with or without backing vocals is available.


Kicking Up Dust
© Susan Anders

Holy moly, when did you walk in?
I haven't seen you in a long while
You're looking good, a little too good
You always had that million dollar smile
Yeah I've been fine, been working real hard
Slow and steady everything's been coming round
Got a new girl, got me a new car
I made some changes after you left town

Here you are baby kicking up dust
Kicking up some feelings I don't trust
Thought I was over you, thought I was free
But now I see that I didn't get away clean
You got me thinking 'bout us
'Cause you're kicking up baby kicking up yeah
Kicking up dust

What are you doing, standing so close?
Smelling as good as you did back then
That was one long hot summer
Sky blue sheets under the ceiling fan
Swampy blues always playing
Everything outside just seemed to melt away
We moved in slow motion
What's that you're asking--dinner Saturday?


Steamy spicy sticky stuff
We had that kind of dirty love
But you took off and it was rough
Oh, what a mess I mopped it up
Made it through but it was tough, and—
I thought I had had enough