The track with or without backing vocals is available.


Slowly As I Can
© Susan Anders/Dave Smith

Bass boats, GTO’s
Supersize flat screens
Moviephones, second homes
All sounds good to me
When you’re moving ‘up that’s what you ‘get

But then it’s: :
Maxed out credit cards
Working like a white rat
Marriages fall apart
I don’t want to live-like-that--no

The sun is shining on my fishing hole
I’m wiggling my toes in the sand
I won’t scramble to the top, work until I drop
I’m moving up as slowly as I can

Punch out, early shift
Go fix Mama’s porch
Kiss her cheek, go to Rick’s ‘
Cold beer, talking sports
Got here when the fish started to bite

And I’m--
Thinking ‘bout later on
Being with my Caroline
What a girl I got’
Must be doing something right -- yeah


I take care of my own
Make enough to get by
Man, what a life