1. The Good Fight

The track is available, with or without backing vocals.


The Good Fight
© Kelleigh Bannen/Susan Anders

I threw that cup at the wall
Instead of throwing it at you
Don’t kick my boots cross the floor
Now the dog’s run from the room
This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic
Still I know that I’m right and you just don’t get it

But here is the truth
‘Bout our battle of wills
I’m learning how to love you
Yeah I’m learning still
We’re walking through fire
It burns us all night
But we keep getting closer
We’re fighting the good fight

You’ve got that hard face
Stubborn as can be
But you are the mirror of everything in me
I got some big walls, I think what I keep missing
Is all you’re asking for is for me to listen


So let’s dig in our heels
As long as it takes
I won’t storm out
I’m gonna stay right