The track with or without backing vocals is available.


Never Gonna Let You Fall
© Susan Anders

One more plan you made just fell apart
You say chasing dreams just seems too hard
But you and me, we're a team, and I will help you see
You can climb as high as you want
You can even fly if you want, 'cause-

I'm never gonna let you fall
I'll be with you through it all
If I see you're tumbling down
I'll catch you long before you hit the ground
So head on out and make some waves
You don't have to play it safe
Scale some mountains, do it all
I'm never gonna let you fall

Why not aim high as you can see?
You might soar, you might fail brilliantly
If you don't win, it all caves in, I'll make you laugh again
Take your dreams as far as you want
Make right for the stars if you want

Repeat Chorus

Anyway anywhere anytime you're in need
You'll be safe I'll be there this is my guarantee

Repeat Chorus