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© Susan Anders

He got the house, I got the car
I found a place by the old reservoir
There was no yelling right up through the end
It never got ugly, I think we'll stay friends
Big old apartment, blank wood walls
All of my boxes stacked up in the hall

I'm a beginner again
Though I still have my looks, my job and my friends
I only lost hope and a ring
So what am I scared of besides everything?
I'm a beginner again

Phone guy just came by now I can make calls
Guess he was cute with those dimples and all
Well I'm sure not ready for drinks and dessert
But he didn't mind my pretending to flirt
It's gonna feel foolish and strange for a bit
I look like a grown up but feel like kid


Maybe I'll cut my hair
Just eat at cafes
See those movies that he never liked
And stay up too late

I'm a beginner again
I might just end up real happy again
I only lost some hope and a ring
So what will I do now besides everything?
I'm a beginner again