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Everything We Ever Did
© Susan Anders

There was that girl you knew in Baton Rouge
She broke you down
But taught you how to tell the truth
There was that trip I took to Mexico
Where I found out
You trust someone or let them go

All those lessons on the way
Brought us standing here today

Everything we ever did adds up to now
You and me together that’s how life turned out
Every push, every shove
Taught us how to love
Everything we ever did adds up to now

All those half-hearted flings that weren’t enough
I never knew back then
That they were practice loves
You had whole years when you weren’t satisfied
But living through them
Finally brought you to my side

If we’d met when we were young
Would I have known you were the one?


Now it’s so clear
I have no regrets
The real thing is here
Can’t wait to see what happens next