1. He Scares Me

The track with or without backing vocals is available.


He Scares Me
© Susan Anders

The waitress gives him too much change and he hands it right back
He tips her big then holds my coat he’s got manners like that
He scares me

He touches my arm as we’re talking and my pulse speeds up
When I laugh all nervous he smiles like he can’t believe his luck
He scares me
‘Cause It’s looking like love and we both know it, and--
He’s not afraid to show it

This could be the wide open soul stirring home run kind
Could be what I’ve been looking for all my life, and now---
I’ve got a feeling that he’ll take me higher than I’ve ever been before
He scares me

It was different with other guys
I could joke around
Giving half a heart was enough for them
That won’t work now
He scares me
He talks about knowing when the feeling’s right
While he’s looking straight in my eyes


Gonna let my hands tremble, let my voice shake
Gonna give whole-hearted come what may